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We teach and care for our Students

At Blooms College, Karu we encourage our students to work hard to put in their best to achieve their set goals in life. Our students do not only do excellently well in their external exams but do excel massively in vocational activities too like: sports, music and drama, creative writing and ICT. We are remarkably ‘A GREAT COMMUNITY OF INTELLECTUALS‘ and we make it a culture to instill in our students the determination and focus required to make a remarkable impact to the world through mentoring, role model interactions and inviting motivational speakers. Some of our educative programmes that further encourage our students on the importance of adding value are:
  • Teaching them the rudiments of safety and hygiene;
  • Environmental and ecosystem maintenance
  • Community development,
  • Charity programmes for the less privileged.

We are an excellent boarding school


Our purpose is to ensure that Blooms College students have the skills and qualifications to compete with the best, the resilience to thrive under pressure and the attitude to capitalize on the opportunity that lie before them. These are essential qualities we equip our children with, as they prepare for the challenges and hurdles of the life, especially when they pass through higher institutions and begin to make crucial decisions in life as they climb the ladders of the future.

We know our children will flourish better when they live and inter-mix with like minds and young achievers, who have common goals and objectives to achieve. They tend to exhibit their talents to the fullest spectrum, pushing themselves beyond ordinary limits. Thus we are proud of the range of our curriculum and the extraordinary breadth of our co-curricular provision.

We believe our setting, values and commitments, thoughtful, well-rounded, high-achieving young people (staff) make our school truly unique, strategically focused on producing future leaders. And as the diversity of our students who bring a richness of experience and enthusiasm to Blooms, challenge us to find a niche in which every individual may excel and be valued for all  they achieve in every sphere. The self-confidence that this engenders enables our students to capitalize on new situations and challenges. It also generates the humility to acknowledge success of others, the compassion to support those who  encounter difficulties and the maturity to take responsibility for themselves.


Education at Blooms College is learner-centered. By balancing both academic and non-academic programmes, we give our students the opportunity to develop their own values and attitudes as well as adding to their skills and knowledge, laying firm foundation for the future.

The school helps every individual learner to develop his or her abilities, talents and personality to the fullest. This is achieved through active participation in the various co-curricular programmes.

The various games offered at the school include: Soccer, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Chess, Cricket and Athletics.

Again, there are more than 15 different clubs in the school.

Students are expected to belong to at least two clubs: one subject-based and the other recreational.


Blooms College offers a Qualitative Education to students delivered in a state of the art learning environment designed to ensure their academic transition into Nigerian and Foreign Higher Institutions.

It offers a wide variety of academic subjects taught by highly qualified, experienced, dedicated and professional staff.

Our grade 12 students are prepared for the following Examinations:

–  WAEC (S.S.C.E)


–  NECO (S.S.C.E)








–  SAT


–  P.T.E


–  I.E.L.T.S

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