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Faculty and Management

Some Members of Staff


Our staff is made up of carefully selected highly qualified expatriates and Nigerian classroom practitioners. They have the necessary skills and experience to get to know and understand each child’s behavior, personality and specific needs.

Many of our faculty staff have International exposures having worked in well-practiced schools in Nigeria and overseas.

With this caliber of staff and our small class size, we give every child the support, advice, counseling and guidance he/she needs to reach his/her full potential. The students of Blooms College enjoy the excellent Pastoral care we provide.

We strongly believe that by fostering mutual understanding between people of different creeds and culture, we will create a happy atmosphere where students will work to the best of their abilities and have every opportunity to find and build on their strengths.


As members of staff at Blooms College, we fulfill a variety of roles at the School. The residential nature of the School allows staff to work with students as advisors, in dormitories, on the playing fields, and through a variety of other extracurricular activities.

As you get to know Blooms College, we hope that you will contact us with questions about specific programmes and opportunities here.

We look for teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching, experts in their subject areas, and genuinely excited about working with children. The teachers bring infectious energy and passion but their styles vary.

Most of all, our teachers are role models for students. They practice the notion that learning never ends. As the process of learning can take place in leaps and bounds as well as in small increments, and can happen in a number of settings. More than teachers, they are students’ advisors, coaches, and constant sources of support and encouragement to the students and entire school at large.

The Team

Our team of expert teachers

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