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Blooms College is located in the most serene and attractive area of Karu (Abuja). Among our neighbours in the green, quiet and beautifully maintained street include the exotic Vintage Housing Estate, Royal Mills and Foods Industries, and City College of Education.

The Boarding House is a home away from home with comfortable surroundings and a close-knit community where our students will make friends and keep them. Our students will learn and develop their talents in our happy, secure, positive and productive environment and be supported and guided to discover and reach their full potential.

We set great store by traditional values such as discipline, respect and compassion as well as having an excellent reputation for obtaining high standards of work and behavior from our students.

Discipline is firm but fair and all students are treated equally, leading to a happy and safe atmosphere. In the best boarding school tradition, the school is divided into houses, each providing for up to 50 students. Our rooms are large, comfortable and well equipped. Supervised preps provide quiet time for students to complete their assignments.

The students in each house will have the help and support of their own house parents, who are also trained teachers and supported by a team of house workers, chosen for their integrity and good sense. The emphasis is on creating and maintaining a family atmosphere where every child can discover and build on their talents and grow steadily in confidence and maturity. Students have access to the computer suite after school on designated days. There are special weekend activities.

We recognize that good food is especially important to boarders. School food will be freshly prepared under standard and hygienic conditions. Each day, we offer varied breakfasts, mid-morning drinks, cooked lunches and suppers; as well as snacks and night caps.

We will provide lots of healthy fruits and vegetables ideal for the growing mind and body. Special occasions will be celebrated with special meals.


Parents will have peace of mind knowing that we provide education for every child’s mind, body and spirit-an international education within a Nigerian framework. Parents are welcome to see their children on scheduled Visiting Days, Open Days and Parents Evenings.

There is ample opportunity to follow every child’s progress. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the school about all issues concerning their children.


Boarding is an integral part of life at the school. Boarders enjoy an excellent standard of accommodation, readily available educational and sporting facilities and the chance to enjoy all the opportunities of school life to the utmost.

Perhaps the most important of these opportunities is the time spent building friendships, which will hopefully endure throughout their time at the school and their lives beyond it.

Living in a residential setting is entrusted with a personal and community responsibility. By assuming this responsibility and holding themselves accountable for their choices, students learn the value of being a contributing member of a caring community.


Boarding System at Blooms College provides a safe, caring atmosphere ideal for both intellectual and emotional growth. The aim is to foster a lively, happy community which operates from a stable base where the feeling of belonging to a large family is important. Boarders learn how to live, to work and to play in a community environment, sharing experiences with people of their own age who originate from many different countries and cultural backgrounds.




This is a very vital department that’s very close to the Hostels. The department is run 24 hours a day and staffed with Nurses, Cleaners, Lab scientist, Doctor and a Matron heading the clinic. Drugs, Reagents, chemicals, medical materials and biomedical equipment are regularly made available  and re-supplied in this department. At each time of the day students easily seek medical attention at the clinic and are immediately attended to. As a matter of concern, Premiere understands that neatness in the hostel begets general healthy living and as such lessens the frequency of students reporting sick.




Interior rooms & Kitchen

At Blooms College the state of hygiene in the toilets and bathrooms is a always a priority for its health department. As a school that understands that need and importance of healthy living in everyday life, a group of members of the health department are charged with the responsibility in collaboration with the school health prefect, to ensure that the toilets and bathrooms are always clean and refreshed at each time of the day.

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